Hop Hero Homebrew Supply

Hello my name is Jon, and like you I am a die-hard homebrewer. My curiosity in fermentation first started in early 2010 when I purchased a bunch of fruit for a fruit salad and a co-worker made fun of me by saying, "What's with all the fruit, are you making wine?". Little did I know at the time, that small comment would fuel an endless curiosity and hunger for knowledge of the fermentation process that would change my life forever.
Within in a month of hearing that comment, I had read hundreds of recipes online and had started my first fermentation experiments. I had a hard cider made from organic Apple juice, and a plum cider made a from various plums I had picked when walking to work in the morning.
As the months passed, my research grew and I found myself trying to ferment all sorts of fruit blends and juices. I would spend hours on end scouring the internet for any websites, forums and recipes that I could find. One day I found a recipe for beer alongside a hard cider recipe. At first I wasn't sure what it was, since I had never heard of someone making beer at home. But just like the cider, within a month of learning about it, I had become obsessed and found myself brewing my first beer.
While my first beer wasn't as successful as my first cider, the amount of difficulty and inconsistency only encouraged me to try harder and hone my skills. I also started small, purchasing 5 gallon recipes and breaking them up into 5-1 gallon recipes. I would brew SMASH beers only, (Single Malt, Single Hop) to build a good base knowledge of all the different flavors and factors that contribute to each beer.
Fast forward 2 years, and I had over 1,000 1 gallon recipes under my belt. As much as I loved to brew beer, I also had a growing dissatisfaction for my local and online homebrew supply stores, who catered to wine makers and people who brewed 5-10 gallon batches of beer. At the time it was unheard of to make 1 gallon batches of homebrew. I was forced to constantly purchase bulk products and spread them out over a course of a month. Plus there was a real inconstancy with hop varieties and their availability. I was always on the lookout for smaller portions, with greater variety and price affordability.
At the time I was living in a small apartment with a roommate and making 1 gallon all grain recipes with the occasional 3 gallon extract brews. My all grain beers were always more interesting in flavor and body than my extract brews, and I was addicted to the endless combinations and variations that all grain brewing provides. I shared many beers and tried really hard to encourage friends and family to start brewing beer at home. A lot of people that I spoke with about homebrewing seemed skeptical of the initial cost to start brewing their first 5 gallon batches of beer and even more skeptical of their own ability to make something drinkable on their first time around. Plus many of my friends (like myself), lived in small apartments and just didn't have the extra space to brew 5+ gallon batches of beer. I realized that I was part of a niche market that wanted to experiment with homebrewing, but didn't have the extra money or available space to brew large batches of beer at home. I felt compelled to do something about this, and started building 1 gallon beer recipes that were easy to brew in small spaces, low in cost and most of all tasty to drink!
Today, I am still a dedicated homebrewer strongly rooted in my local craft beer community. And while I never imagined my little idea would grow as much as it has, I am truly grateful to of helped so many people on their journey to creating and enjoying tasty new homebrews.
Thanks for your support!